Variability and Movement Expertise | Dance Knowledge

Variability and Movement Expertise

The essential and unavoidable variability of expert movement | 3 hrs time valued CPD | taught by Dr Luke Hopper

Course description

Dancers coordinate their body to move with the laws of physics. 

Even expert movement is never perfect.

This course addresses the intriguing concept of the essential and unavoidable role of movement variability in movement expertise. Discover this amazing concept and you may change the way you look at dance forever!

3 hrs time valued on demand CPD. Includes three months access.

Course aims

  • Summarise the interactions between body systems in creating movement
  • Introduce how movement variability is produced between the body and the laws of physics
  • Describe how movement variability is required for learning and adaptive movement
  • Apply the theories of movement variability to the performance of pirouettes
  • Propose how movement variability exists in the studio to enhance learning

Learning outcomes

  • Consider the role of movement variability in movement learning
  • Adapt learning experiences in the studio to incorporate movement variability
  • Support individual and variable movement strategies in students




Dr Luke Hopper
Dr Luke Hopper
Founder, Dance Knowledge

An Australian dance scientist with a research focus on the biomechanics of dancer performance and injury. Luke’s research has involved collaboration with major ballet companies in the Australia and the UK. He has served on the board of directors of the International Association for Dance Medicine & Science and is the vice president of the Australian Society for Performing Arts Healthcare.

Course Curriculum

Introductory video FREE PREVIEW
The underlying research FREE PREVIEW
Course notes
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The Biology of Movement Control or Lack Thereof
Feedforward and feedback FREE PREVIEW
Communication problems
Time delays
Quiz 1
The waiter's tray
Forward thinking
Quiz 2
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Variability Activities
Variable movement FREE PREVIEW
Just drawing dots
Variability and expertise
Related research
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The Problem with Pirouettes
Creating momentum
A mechanical conundrum
Quiz 3
Some surprising results
Revisiting sway
Pirouette postural control
Quiz 4
Video download
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Supporting Variable and Individual Movement
Goal oriented movement
Changing up the routine
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