Performance anxiety

Performance anxiety

Rationalising the function of somatic and cognitive anxiety in dance. | taught by Shona Erskine
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Course Curriculum

Introduction to performance anxiety FREE TRIAL
Companion document
Course notes
What is anxiety?
Performers speak about performance anxiety FREE TRIAL
Video list
Your own practice - performance anxiety
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Somatic anxiety
The brain and autonomic nervous system
ANS activation and somatic responses
Reconceptualising perfromance anxiety
Your own practice - arousal levels and somatic responses
The relationship between arousal and performance FREE TRIAL
Your own practice - daily arousal chart
Strategies to achieve optimal arousal
Arousal and anxiety
Quiz 1
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Cognitive anxiety
The thinking space
Your own practice - what if ...
Noticing your thinking
Your own practice - thinking
Imagery for emotions FREE TRIAL
Your own parctice - imagery
Doing what is not important!
Your own practice - your performance anxiety story
Quiz 2
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Performance scripts
Imagery-based performance scripts
Your own practice - who
When and where
Your own practice - when and where
Your own practice - why
The case studies
PETTLEP imagery and case study scripts
Quiz 3
Practice over time
Your own practice - writing and testing
To close
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References for Performance Anxiety course
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Course description

This course discusses the underlying mechanisms and functions of performance anxiety in dance. By separating somatic and cognitive anxiety we take a closer look at patterns of anxiety, before developing and practicing performance scripts to mediate anxiety in response to performance.

3hrs time valued on demand CPD

Includes 3 months access

Course aims

  • define performance anxiety and its components
  • make clear distinctions between somatic and cognitive anxiety
  • look at techniques to mediate somatic and cognitive anxiety
  • consider how performance anxiety functions in your own practice

Course outcomes:

  • understand of how performance anxiety can manifest in different performers
  • reconceptualise performance anxiety as a readiness function
  • elucidate how somatic and cognitive anxiety impact on dance experience
  • recognise how practiced imagery can impact on a dancer’s performance
  • formulate performance scripts using imagery

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Shona Erskine
Shona Erskine

As a psychologist specialising in the performing arts I work with you on your journey to become the performer, educator or director you want to be. I develop bespoke and evidence based solutions for the challenges you face. The learning in Dance Knowledge works with the same principles I employ in face to face psychological services.

Practice Fostering mindful practice to establish workable techniques and habits.

Performance Achieving personal goals and acclaimed levels of performance.

Artistry Harnessing and understanding creativity and talent.

Resilience Building strength and flexibility through mental and emotional toughness.

Reviews (1)

Many Ideas

by Shona Cameron
It will take time to think over and act on this, but well worth while

Many Ideas

by Shona Cameron
It will take time to think over and act on this, but well worth while