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What is biomechanics?

The forces that create dance movements. FREE 2 hrs time valued dance CPD. | taught by Luke Hopper
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Course description

Get FREE access to all content in this course including a certificate of completion for 2 hrs time valued RAD endorsed CPD!

An introduction to the biomechanics of dance and the laws of physics that govern the way dancers move. This online course will provide you with foundation knowledge of biomechanics as a stepping stone towards the more advanced biomechanics courses on dance knowledge. 2 hours time valued on demand CPD

Course aims

  • Introduce the field of biomechanics as it relates to dance
  • Provide an introduction to Newton's Laws of motion
  • Draw examples of how Newton's Laws of motion apply to dance

Learning outcomes

  • Recognise how the concepts of mass and force apply to a dancer's body
  • Interpret Newton's laws of physics in the context of dance movements
  • Analyse dance movements considering how the laws of physics affect dance movements
Luke Hopper
Luke Hopper
Founder, Dance Knowledge

Dr Luke Hopper is an Australian dance scientist with a research focus on the biomechanics of dancer performance and injury. Luke’s research has involved collaboration with major ballet companies in the Australia and the UK and has served on the board of directors of the International Association for Dance Medicine & Science and is the president of the Australian Society for Performing Arts Healthcare.


Course Curriculum

Biomechanics FREE
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Moving bodies through space
Isaac Newton and the laws of physics (for dancers) FREE
Inertia FREE
Acceleration FREE
Action and reaction FREE
Practical activity
Picky pose`
Gravity FREE
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Describing dance movements
Position and Displacement FREE
Velocity FREE
Acceleration FREE
Jumping around
Angular motion FREE
Further reading
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Reviews (22)

by Maddi Simpson

by Siew Hiong Goh

Title slightly misleading for the basic content

by Dawnna Wayburne
Excellent. I'm looking forwards to further study
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by Maddi Simpson

by Siew Hiong Goh

Title slightly misleading for the basic content

by Dawnna Wayburne
Excellent. I'm looking forwards to further study

by Veronica Rossetti


by Lilly Petru
A text video follows by a quiz it is a great tools to check if you understood what you had learnt. It had helped me to understand better what I learnt. I like the idea of learning online, I am a visual person, and the drawing it helps me to grasp the meaning of what he was talking. I would recommend it to my friends.

by Yin Yin Goh



by carmen crespo

by Gisele Jesus

by veronica calderon

Awesome indepth information

by Andrea Zwezerynen

by Danielle Bittencourt

by Tracy Doree
I really enjoyed this course as a dancer and instructor. I truly learned a lot that I will apply to both my teaching and dancing.

by Corinna Janson
That video course is just great and I definitely enjoy watching it: Clear explanations in just a few easy words and really good pictures and examples. That’s just the way teaching should always be


by JoAnne Suckow
The videos were clearly explained, and designed in a way that the course load could be easily grasped. The speaking pace was extremely appropriate. Texts supplemented the video content well.

by Kate Hopper

by Andrea Popp

by Carla Schembri
A truly accessible step by step guide to Biomechanics. Thank you!

by Silena Bertolino

by saskia tindle

Biomechanic basics

by Anna Schrefl
Newtons 4 laws of physic are very comprehensive and easy explained. The amount of time of the different chapters is well chosen. Thank you.