Encouraging boys and young men in dance | Dance Knowledge

Encouraging boys and young men in dance

Methods and considerations for dance teachers. 2 hrs time valued on demand CPD | taught by Shona Erskine

Course description

Encouraging boys and young men to dance is designed to improve your ability to recognise and work with the unique needs of boys in an often predominantly female context. You will be guided through materials that present options for fostering and inspiring boys in dance.

2 hours time valued on demand CPD

Includes three months access

Course aims

  • develop an understanding of the different experiences boys can have in dance
  • learn to identify factors that will foster engagement of boys in dance
  • improve awareness of the potential for unique experiences

Course outcomes

  • identify four different ways to engage boys in dance
  • consider how to utilise language and methods that encourages commitment to dance technique and etiquette
  • understand how boys and girls can engage together and learn from each other

Shona Erskine
Shona Erskine

As a psychologist specialising in the performing arts I work with you on your journey to become the performer, educator or director you want to be. I develop bespoke and evidence based solutions for the challenges you face. The learning in Dance Knowledge works with the same principles I employ in face to face psychological services.

Practice Fostering mindful practice to establish workable techniques and habits.

Performance Achieving personal goals and acclaimed levels of performance.

Artistry Harnessing and understanding creativity and talent.

Resilience Building strength and flexibility through mental and emotional toughness.

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Course Curriculum

Introduction FREE TRIAL
Companion document
Source material
Course notes
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Engaging boys in dance
Engaging boys in dance FREE TRIAL
Questions to consider - dancing
Questions to consider - making
Questions to consider - growing
Questions to consider - mentoring
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Unique experiences
Unique experiences
Questions to consider - unique experiences
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A dance culture for boys
Building a culture for boys to dance FREE TRIAL
Boys projects
How to be prepared
Increasing concentration
Inspiring language
A dance culture for boys and girls
Where to from here
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by Rachel Diffey

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