Course Description

The neuroscience of creativity has practical applications in the dance studio. 

Explore the specific actions and processes that a dancer, choreographer, or teacher can engage with in order to achieve creative outcomes. 

Tap into the unconscious mind for creative thought and problem solving. 

2 hours time valued on demand CPD. Includes three months access.

Course aims 

  • Understanding of the unconscious mind and creative thought
  • Appreciate how everyone is capable of creative thought
  • Reconceptualise creativity as something that can be deliberately cultivated  
  • Look at specific techniques to engage in creative thought and action

Course outcomes

  • Define creativity and look at the relevant neuroscience literature
  • Elucidate how individual and ensemble creativity are symbiotic
  • Recognise how creative skills can function in all aspects of dance
  • Formulate creative action plans
  • Consider how creativity functions in your own practice




Dr Shona Erskine

As a psychologist specialising in the performing arts I work with you on your journey to become the performer, educator or director you want to be. I develop bespoke and evidence based solutions for the challenges you face. The learning in Dance Knowledge works with the same principles I employ in face to face psychological services.Practice Fostering mindful practice to establish workable techniques and habits.Performance Achieving personal goals and acclaimed levels of performance.Artistry Harnessing and understanding creativity and talent.Resilience Building strength and flexibility through mental and emotional toughness.

Course curriculum

  • 1


  • 2

    Neuroscience and creativity

  • 3

    Getting ready and getting unstuck

    • Feelings and body states

    • Quiz 3

    • Your own practice - feeling good

    • Creative associations

    • Priming

    • Exposure

    • Your own practice - create links

    • Reconceptualise

    • Reframe to get unstuck

    • Your own practice - reframing

  • 4

    Creativity in groups

  • 5

    The Theory of Loose Parts

    • Keeping things loose

    • Your own practice - play

  • 6


    • References for creativity and choreography


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