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Accessing Academic Research

Finding and interpreting research for the studio 1hr time valued CPD | taught by Luke Hopper

Course description

There is a wealth of academic research information available to the public that can help dancers in their training. Unfortunately most academic research is difficult to access and interpret. This course provides some simple tips for accessing and interpreting academic research that can be used to directly benefit dance training. 

1 hr time valued on demand CPD

Includes three months access

Course aims

  • Introduce students to Google Scholar and its basic search functions
  • Describe the standard structure of research articles and how articles can be interpreted

Learning outcomes

  • Perform a search for a specific research topic
  • Navigate the Google Scholar search engine
  • Read and extract the general findings of a research article
Luke Hopper
Luke Hopper
Founder, Dance Knowledge

Dr Luke Hopper is an Australian dance scientist with a research focus on the biomechanics of dancer performance and injury. Luke’s research has involved collaboration with major ballet companies in the Australia and the UK and has served on the board of directors of the International Association for Dance Medicine & Science and is the president of the Australian Society for Performing Arts Healthcare.

Course Curriculum

Searching for research
Searching for research articles FREE TRIAL
Course notes
Practical activity
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Reading and interpreting research
Research paper for download
Research article structure FREE TRIAL
Title, abstract, aims, conclusion
What is a single leg squat?
Introduction and referencing
Methods, results and discussion
Review articles
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Practical task
Finding and interpreting a research article
Research article for download
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by Paul Doyle

by Paul Doyle